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A Bus Story

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Tuesday, I was on a bus to the center of the city. Usually when I take a bus, I find a handsome guy and 'explore' his appearance - it's my amusement during the trip. And that case wasn't different, or so I thought in the beginning. But when I got off the bus, I heard a perfect male voice behind me that made me turned around:

- Hey! Why have you been looking at me all the way on bus? - the boy I'd been looking at asked lifting his brow up.

- You've got a pretty face. Pretty faces can't help being looked at, - I answered him, and he got it without any objections. I decided to continue the conversation, making my voice as cool as possible: - But I'm afraid you're taken...

- Yeah, if only by you, - said the boy, and I smiled without controlling it. - I'm Nicholas, - he pulled out his hand to me.

- My pleasure, I'm Kathrine, - I put palm into his, and the moment stopped.

We didn't shake our hand, we just held each other for awhile, then my conscience reminded me of my shyness, and I took out my hand, looking down.

- So... - I wanted to talk to Nicholas more. - Where do you study? - I know, this phrase usually kills any talk, but I found nothing else to say.

- I'm an engineer, - the boy answered not taking his smile and attractiveness off. - And you?

- I'm a philologist of the foreign languages.

- And what languages do you study?

- English and French.

- Cool!

I thought it would be the end of the story. But Nicholas, apparently seeing that I was nervous, saved my life:

- Where are you going now?

- Emm, I just need to cross the square to another bus stop and take another bus, - I said remembering that I wasn't just spending time - I was going to work.

- May I see you there?

I thought such things could be only in the fairytales. I answered 'of course', and we went to my next bus stop. We talked about nothing serious, just basic things like where we had been born, why we had chosen that university and etc. etc. etc. When we came to the bus stop, Nicholas waited for my bus with me, and I, who had been through that feeling (you think you've found the one, and then you're tossed), I was ready to say goodbye to the boy, when he asked for my phone number. My face started glowing with the light of a million stars. "Maybe, here it comes? That thing?.." - I wondered while spelling my number to Nicholas. I didn't ask his number back, knowing beforehand I would never text first. And I didn't say any stupid lines like "Don't forget to text me!" or 'I'll be waiting for your call" too, because my broken-too-many-times heart had already learnt that if I started to wait for something too hard and it didn't happened, I suffered too much. It was useless pain, so that time I also decided to let it go or let it be, and let Nicholas decide himself to call me or not.

I got on my bus waving to my new acquaintance, smiling mysteriously and burning up his heart with the sparks in my eyes. The best novel heroines taught me how to get a man. I spent the rest of the day trying hard not to think about Nicholas, and I was successful enough with that. I didn't even tell this little story to my neighbor not to blow things up.

The next day came with a little hope, but no call was heard, no text was received. On the third day I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't wait for Nicholas any more. In the end, he wasn't the first, he wouldn't be the last. That day I had to work in the city too, and I didn't miss my bus game. But that time my eyes didn't find anyone good enough to stare at, and I sank into reading. On my way back home my reading was interrupted by a call. I saw an unknown number on the screen of my phone and when I picked up, I heard a familiar perfect voice: "Hello, Kathrine?.."

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